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Looking to extend or remodel your home shortly?  We would be very pleased to talk to you and to price the work you want done. We specialise in good quality and high end projects from as little as £50,000 to around £500,000 across SW, and Central London and are well able to give you the high quality workmanship and level of service that makes your job special.

MS London is a proven, well-established building specialist with a fifteen-year track record in residential building projects, often the trickier, awkward works that other builders may not want. All of which has given us the expertise and industry knowledge to deliver a fast, well-managed building service for you at a competitive price.

Where helpful, we can also work with you to discuss alternative designs and construction methods that could possibly save you time and money without compromising quality. And, as a team, you’ll always find us professional, but friendly and easy to talk to.

“We spent so many years saving for our bungalow so we really wanted a good job done. Your team did an excellent job with the work quickly completed to a wonderful standard. It’s beautiful to live in. We have our dream home thanks to MS London.